"Uwa~! Soooooooooo shiny!"

- Safiya Royan's shine phrase.

Source from Shine Phrases.


Safiya Royan is one of the trio who decided to form a school idol club called Suns Shine.


Safiya Royan, nicknamed Shiny-chi by friends and family, loves shiny things and hates to get dirty. If she or someone gets dirt or mud on her, she'd throw a tantrum. If she's mad, she'd usually hold her breath until someone calms her down with a song;

"Shiny-chi? Shiny-chi! Just calm down! Shiny-chi? Shiny-chi! Tebanasu!"

She is a very friendly person - which explains why she has so many friends and are able to form a school idol group. She is also the Suns Shine Official Composer since she knows how to compose songs. She also stated that it was her dream to be a famous composer.


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