Just like Aqours and Myooz , Suns Shine also has a history of how it started. All credit will go to the Creator Trio for creating our now shiny Suns Shine.


Suns Shine all started when an 11 year old Shiny-chi started watching Love Live! Sunshine! and admiring it. Then she introduced it to her sister - a 9 year old Yousoro-chi who then agreed to form a school idol club at their school. The next year, they started handing out flyers when Yousoro-chi's best friend - a 9 year old Yohane-chi ask what a school idol is and Shiny-chi explained it to her. Little Yohane-chi then decided to join - hoping that she would be as shiny as the fallen angel Yoshiko Tsushima as well. The trio then started handing out flyers together. From that point on, they were known as the Creator Trio. After their first concert involving all the members of Sunrise, Shiny-chi and Yousoro-chi's younger sister, a 7 year old Mikan-chi decided to join them too. Two others (Zura-chi and Blazer-chi) decided to join as well. They trained for a whole month without realizing they yet didn't have a name. When Shiny-chi informed them about this, the girls made up names that Aqours originally wanted to use such as, "Uniform Girls Squad" and the "6 Mermaids" - but were rejected.Later that day, they trained at the beach and saw the scenery of the sunset - where Shiny-chi came up with the name "Suns Shine". From that point on, these girls were known as Suns Shine.

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