aka Shiny-chi

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in the heavens up there
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is to be a great school idol leader
  • I am Female




This is an official member of Suns Shine and an admin of the wikia. You can contact them for support or information on Suns Shine or the wikia.

Ohara Mari


Greetings. I am Safiya but you can call me Shiny-chi - an administrator and the founder of both Suns Shine and Suns Shine Wikia. There are a few reasons why I started Suns Shine. One day I accompanied my sister Shakira Royan at the hospital. I passed a few aids and saw how miserable they are. So, I decided to raise a fund by selling tickets to our concerts and donate them to charity. I also started Suns Shine because when I watched Love Live! Sunshine! I wanted to start my own school idol club as well - for fun. You might also wonder why I love Mari more than Chika. Well, I don't really like Satsuma Mandarin/Citrus Unshiu (mikan). But I love shiny things and I also love Mari's voice.



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